Lessons We Could Learn From Alice in Wonderland

Lessons We Could Learn From Alice in Wonderland

As a new exhibition opens in New York, we have a look at everything we can study on the legendary tale, alongs >archive materials

Over 150 years after its release, Alice in Wonderland remains a cult classic in both pop culture and literature alike along with its creative cast of characters, fanciful poems and scenes loved and appreciated by all generations. The tale defies logic within the most way that is fantastical babies develop into pigs, caterpillars dole out advice, flowers insult Alice, lobsters dance and croquet is played with flamingos. Quintessentially British, its narrative is of legendary proportions and embedded within culture, as the story itself makes references that are countless tea parties and Oxford.

The exhibition Alice today:

150 Years in Wonderland opens at The Morgan Library and Museum in New York. The show includes the book’s original manuscript, correspondences from author Lewis Carroll, vintage photographs of Alice Liddell (whom the book was inspired by), drawings and rare editions. Here, in celebration of the exhibition that is new glance at the lessons we can study from the first books, from indulging in whimsy to believing within the impossible.

1. Do go along the rabbit holeAlice’s Adventure in Wonderland begins on a riverbank, with Alice’s older sister reading to her. Clearly bored by the story, Alice wonders “what may be the usage of a book without pictures or conversation?” She spots a rabbit that is white by, eventually diving into a hole. Alice follows her impulses and dives to the hole along with the rabbit, falling down into another realm. While she falls, she philosophizes concerning the other side of this earth, imagines a conversation along with her cat Dinah and grabs a jar of marmalade in one for the shelves surrounding her. She lands unharmed and embarks in the rest of her adventure. Alice doesn’t play because of the conventional rules of a little girl during the 1800s; she’s up for whatever comes her way and it is ready to take the possibility from the unexpected with brilliant results. Read more