Ex-wife can not offer house without previous husband’s signature

Ex-wife can not offer house without previous husband’s signature

Q. I obtained divorced about fifteen years back. My divorce or separation agreement states my ex-husband would be to get 35 % of this proceeds that are net the purchase of the home we owned. I’ve been making most of the payments from the home but because far he is still on the title as I know. I became likely to offer the homely household whenever my earliest switched 18 but he was perhaps maybe not around and I also simply remained.

We haven’t seen my ex in significantly more than a decade. No contact has been had by him with this kids for the reason that time. He additionally owes me a lot more than $70,000 in son or daughter help. We have maybe maybe maybe not experimented with gather it because 1), I’ve no clue where he could be and 2), also out of our lives if I did, it’s worth the money to have him.

I will be now thinking about offering the home. We have talked to a few solicitors and so they both said i am going to require my ex’s signature regarding the shutting documents.

Therefore, i’ve two concerns. One, how can I offer your house I use his share of the money from the sale to pay me the child support he owes me if I can’t find my ex; and two, how can?

A. First, i’d consult with your breakup lawyer to ascertain in the event your ex executed a quitclaim deed within the breakup settlement. Whenever a property owned by divorcing events is usually to be sold at a date that is future lawyers frequently assert the non-occupying party perform a quitclaim deed to prevent the problem at this point you end up in. Frequently that deed is held by one of many solicitors if and until required. I might additionally consult your estate that is real attorney figure out whom, in fact, is in title to your premises. Read more