Chinese Bridal Dress

Chinese Bridal Dress

Various with western wedding attire, China has her own unique wedding attire. Broadly speaking, Chinese wedding gown is simply around theme of good fortune and delight. Dragon, phoenix, red and golden colors are believed to create luck that is good pleasure, ergo these are generally indispensable elements in Chinese wedding dressing and decoration. Besides, other things of Chinese bridal dress are with strong characteristics that are chinese.

Colors & Elements of Chinese Wedding Dressing & Decoration Settings

The primary colour of Chinese wedding gown & design settings is vivid red, the standard and color that is sacred. As you may understand red could be the many preferred color by Chinese because it represents joy, vitality, life and bright happy mood in Chinese tradition. To be utilized in Chinese weddings, red normally thought to be a sign of great fortune that drive evil spirits away. This is certainly various than that within the western where in actuality the wedding color is dominated by pure white and black. The standard Chinese bridal dress in north Chinese frequently is certainly one piece frock called Qipao, which can be red primarily and embroidered with elaborate silver and gold design. Brides in Southern Asia choose to wear two-piece gown called Qungua or QunKwa, because they are otfen elaborately adorned with gold dragon and phoenix,so they are usually called longfeng gua specifically dragon phoenix coating in mordern Asia.

(chinese wedding gown qipao & longfeng gua)

Longfenggua (???) is quite popular among Chinese partners today. It’s an indispensible wedding that is chinese in China. Patterned with dragon and phoenix, the Longfenggua is endowed making use of their auspicious meaning. Besides dragon and phoenix, five embroidered bats, with all the meaning of five blessing arrival, additionally come in Longfenggua. The longfenggua is more simplified compared to the above three Chinese wedding dresss, and it may show women’s curvaceous form. Read more