Is it far better to Get a Male or Guinea that is female Pig?

Is it far better to Get a Male or Guinea that is female Pig?

One concern that a lot of all soon become guinea pig owners ask is whether or otherwise not they need to obtain a male or even a female guinea pig.

Will it be simpler to obtain a male or female guinea pig? If you’re getting an individual guinea pig you are able to select either a man or woman dependent on your own personal choice while they both make great animals. Sex doesn’t matter much provided that the pig is friendly and healthy. Then getting two immature females seems to be the best option if on the other hand you’re getting a pair of guinea pigs at once.

In this article I’ll explain more in-depth why the most effective sex to decide on is determined by if you want to get more guinea pigs in the future whether you’re getting a single pig or multiple pigs, and I’ll also explain how you should think.

It is additionally a good clear idea for you, being a quickly become guinea pig owner, to see our Guinea Pig Complete Care Guide for newbies that covers anything from fundamental guinea pig facts to chosing the right cage and grooming tips.

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Why it’s more straightforward to Get Two Immature Females if You’re opting for a set

First, obtaining a solitary guinea pig is perhaps maybe not optimal to it is wellness because people can’t fully replace a guinea pig’s buddy. Read more